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New Products

Tail light Stands for '37 Ford Tail lights

These are NOT original stands for a '37 Ford, but a great way to mount '37 Ford tail lights on something else. These nice 90 degree polished stainless tail light stands by So-Cal fit the curve and mounting surface of the '37 tail light, while providing a pass through design for the wiring, and a universal flat mounting plate to mount them on any flat surface. Sold as a pair

So-Cal 37 Tail light Stands
SOC 60502


Transmission Cooler Mounting Bracket

srs cooler brktweb

srs cooler

When using one of the finned style coolers, mounting it to the side of your framerail can reduce its effectiveness. This bracket allows the cooler to be mounted 90 degrees from a flat surface, exposing both sides of the cooler to open air flow. Laser cut and zinc coated steel bracket comes with cooler mounting hardware and self tapping bolts for frame mounting.

Transmission Cooler Mounting Bracket
SRS 5000


Small Block Chevy Radiator Hoses


90 radiator hose

We have found these pre-molded hoses to be as close to fitting as anything already made for a small block Chevy in a '32 or similar Ford with a Walker radiator. We have also found them to be pretty close (or close enough!) in several other "street rod" applications. The inside hose diamater is correct for standard Small Block Chevrolet water necks and water pumps. A good and inexpensive alternative to the chrome flexible hoses.

We've also found a universal 90 degree hose that could come in handy in many applications! From the back edge to the end of the hose, the short leg measures 6.5" and the long leg measures 16".

Upper Radiator Hose
SRS 203
Lower Radiator Hose
SRS 202
Universal 90 Degree Hose
SRS 217


Universal Pre-Formed 90 Degree Heater Hose

ses 284

5/8" I.D. rubber heater hose is 36" long with a tight pre-formed 90 degree bend on one end aproximately 4" long.

Pre-Formed 90 Degree Hose
SRS 284


Remote Battery Jumper Post Frame Bracket


Sachse Rod Shop now offers this steel, zinc-coated bracket featuring correctly shaped "DD" holes to accept remote battery jumper posts (available seperately). This bracket is a real time saver if you have ever tried to make these odd shaped holes, which are necessary to keep the posts from turning as you tighten the post locking nut. L-shaped bracket bolts to side of frame with three screws. Self-threading mounting hardware is included.

Jumper Post Bracket
SRS 5000
Positive Jumper Post (Red)
AAW 500010
Negative Jumper Post (Black)
AAW 500011


Chrome Oil Filters - Small Block Chevy

chrome oil filters

These quality oil filters are pressure tested and beautifully chrome plated. Filters are 13/16"-16 thread, standard and short sizes.

Standard 5 3/8" tall
SPE 545-22320
Short 4" tall
SPE 545-22300


Inner Hood Hinge Strips

hood strips 1

hood strips 2

Want to replace a factory piano-style hood hinge with a more attractive '32 and later Ford style center hinge, or build a custom 4-piece hood for your hot rod? This steel hinge is welded to the hood top pieces, and the polished stainless outer hood strip slips over the rolled edges. These hinge strips measure 48" long so they can be cut to your desired length. Universal polished center strip also measures 48". First picture shows hinge in the open position.

Inner Hinge Strips
DMC V16-24780-060
$39.95 pr
Pol. Stainless Center Strip
VIN U-16632


Removeable Brake Line Tabs

brakeline tabs

These handy brake line tabs can be bolted or riveted to your frame rather than welded. 5/8" brake line hole with two 3/16" mounting holes. Includes two tabs and two brake line retaining clips.

Brake Line Tabs
SPE 910-31309
$10.95 pr


Electric Fan Mounting Kit

fan mount kitsfan mount kit 2

This multi-piece electric fan mounting kit is very adjustable and universal. Includes all mounting hardware. Will work with all Maradyne and Spal fans.

Fan Mounting Kit


Thru-Radiator Fan Mounting Kit

thrurad fan mount kit

For mounting your electric fan through the cooling fins of the radiator. Plastic zip-tie style mounts come with foam pads to protect the fins.

Thru-Rad Mount Kit
MPF M0912T


Strap Style Electric Fan Mount Kit

fan strap kit

This kit will mount all Maradyne fans. Comes with 4 steel straps and hardware to mount to the clips provided with Maradyne fans.

Strap Style Fan Mount Kit


Electric Fan Pigtail

fan pig tail

Pigtail makes it easy to wire in your electric fan. Plugs into the connector on all Maradyne fans.

Fan Pigtail

A/C Elbow Fittings

90 degree unions available in #6 and #10. Perfect for tight clearance bends where a/c hose will not conform.

#6 Elbow
VAA 34804
#10 Elbow
VAA 34806



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